Looptroop Rockers FTW!

Brutal el concierto del sábado en el Cultura Urbana.




Maybe my life ain’t what it seem to be
what if it’s true that sleep’s the cousin of death
maybe someone is just dreaming me
then i hope she’s not about to wake up yet…

Turn the music down low…
so she doesn’t wake up, no…

Poor lonesome homeboy…

Already passed 20, not knowing my direction in life
Can´t really see myself settling down with my kids and wife
You know the whole package with the car,
house in the suburb, career going far…

My parents just told me, it was time for me to choose
Either go straight with the laws or I might loose
my access to the legal world in the future
but I´m not sure I want part of a world that treats nature
in a big percentage of its population like shit

Don´t mean I´m righteous like Moses, I leave mics split
and empty spraycans at the scene of the crime
Footprints in the snow being the only signs of me and mines
Yo you can catch me in the store
Racking up, putting alarmtags on the floor…

The moral to the story is I got no morals, you finish the story for me?

Promoe, Poor lonesome homeboy

A modern day city symphony

Stockholm, a modern day city symphony
The dying Mother Nature once sang this hymn for me
It’s all vanity to try and uplift the crowd
Ain’t no use, no one can stop them now
She quoted Bob Marley and I came to the conclusion
Total destruction is the only solution

Cause no matter what I say, it’s too little too late
No way that I could ever set this crooked world straight
With wordplay, no other means either
You think those eyes make me wanna compete, huh?
We all losers in this Doctor Mabuse’s society
With thousands surveillance cameras constantly eyein’ me
They call it security, I call it conspiracy
To commit murder in the name of hypocrisy
We can’t even see who’s hid behind the mask of death
There’s only one word left; “keff”

 Promoe, A modern day city symphony